Getting Income

This article describes how to generate income from liquid staking

Unlike other liquid staking, hNEAR rate is fixed and always equal to 1 NEAR.

Income is accumulated in the form of dividends, which are recalculated after any balance change (transfer, withdrawal, deposit). You can check the amount of accumulated dividends by calling the

NEAR_ENV=mainnet near view storage.herewallet.near  get_user  '{"account_id":"komour.near"}'

The accumulated dividends can be transferred to the account at any time by calling the claim_dividends method or by pressing the claim button in the application or on the website.

NEAR_ENV=mainnet near call storage.herewallet.near  claim_dividends  '' --accountId bob.near

After that, your balance in hNEAR will be increased. For example: if you held 1 hNEAR for a year with a yield of 9.5%, your balance will increase by 0.095 NEAR and become 1.095 hNEAR = 1.095 NEAR


HERE Storage does not have a minimum unstaking fee, but we still have to balance so free liquidity is always available. That's why users have different yields. It will go up if the user holds money for a long time and go down if the user uses liquidity often. In order for each user to have his own yield it is necessary to count independently.

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