Token swaps

How token exchange works in the HERE app

We use a orderbook-based decentralized exchanger. When you want to exchange tokens you close someone's bid in the stack directly. Thanks to the bid stack, you don't have to pay a commission to liquidity providers.

The swap takes 10-15 seconds because it includes 2 FT-transactions.

We use wrapped wBTC, wETH, wSOL, and USDT tokens so you can invest without paying for gas and make exchanges really fast. If you want to transfer tokens to submit you can send to ethereum via rainbow bridge or swap to USDC and withdraw the profit to your bank account.

We only support really reliable tokens, now there are

  • USDC

  • USDT

  • wBTC

  • ETH

  • Aurora

  • Paras

  • stNEAR

There will be more soon


Tonic is a permissionless, fully on-chain, orderbook-based exchange platform built on NEAR. Our platform allows anyone to create markets for any asset on NEAR L1 or Aurora. Every component of Tonic is built with developers in mind, enabling the community to build a wide range of performant DeFi applications on NEAR. We use in on background to process swaps

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