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You can use instant wallet to authorize the user without leaving the site.

We wrote a small library which is fully compatible with wallet selector. We can use it to show a QR code to the user. As soon as he scans the QR code, it will trigger a successful sub-operation and return the result of the transaction


This library allows you to interact asynchronously with the here-wallet together with the near-selector.

In contrast to the synchronous signing of transactions in MyNearWallet and official near wallet, where the user is redirected to the wallet site for signing -- HERE Wallet provides the ability to sign transactions using async/await API calls.

npm i near-api-js@^0.44.2
npm i @near-wallet-selector/core --save
npm i @here-wallet/near-selector --save


import "@near-wallet-selector/modal-ui/styles.css";
import { setupWalletSelector } from "@near-wallet-selector/core";
import { setupNearWallet } from "@near-wallet-selector/near-wallet";
import { setupModal } from "@near-wallet-selector/modal-ui";
import { HereWallet, setupHereWallet } from "@here-wallet/near-selector";

const selector = await setupWalletSelector({
  modules: [setupNearWallet(), setupHereWallet()],
  network: "mainnet",

// Force login with here-wallet easy!
const here = await selector.wallet<HereWallet>("here-wallet");
const accounts = await here.signIn({ contractId: "social.near" });

console.log(`Hello ${accounts[0].accountId}!`);

How it works

By default, all near-selector api calls that you make with this library run a background process and generate a unique link that the user can go to their mobile wallet and confirm the transaction. This is a link of the form:

If a user has logged into your application from a phone and has a wallet installed, we immediately transfer him to the application for signing. In all other cases, we open a new window on the site, where the user can find information about installing the wallet and sign the transaction there.

All this time while user signing the transaction, a background process in your application will monitor the status of the transaction requested for signing.

Instant Wallet with AppClip

If your goal is to provide the user with a convenient way to log in to your desktop app, you can use Here Instant Wallet, which allows users without a wallet to instantly create one via appclip.

At the moment here wallet is only available for IOS users

You have the option to override how your user is delivered the signing link. This is how you can create a long-lived transaction signature request and render it on your web page:

import { Strategy } from "@here-wallet/near-selector";
import { QRCodeStrategy } from "@here-wallet/near-selector/qrcode-strategy";

// Instant wallet signin HERE!
const here = await selector.wallet<HereWallet>("here-wallet");
const element = document.getElementById("qrcode")

await here.signIn({
  contractId: "social.near",
  strategy: new QRCodeStrategy({ element, theme: "dark" }), // override new window

You can also look at an example in this repository /example/index.ts or in sandbox:

Strategy and Events

Methods signIn, signAndSendTransaction, signAndSendTransactions have additional parameters:

export interface AsyncHereSignDelegate {
  // DefaultStrategy by default called new window popup, you can override it
  strategy?: Strategy;
  signal?: AbortSignal;

  // Just Events, called before strategy, 
  // use this if you don't need to change strategy
  onInitialized?: () => void;
  onRequested?: (link: string) => void;
  onApproving?: (HereProviderResult) => void;
  onSuccess?: (HereProviderResult) => void;
  onFailed?: (HereProviderResult) => void;

You can also set the default strategy for setupHereWallet:

setupHereWallet({ strategy: () => new CustomStrategy() })


To transfer data between the application and the phone, we use our own proxy service. On the client side, a transaction confirmation request is generated with a unique request_id, our wallet receives this request_id and requests this transaction from the proxy.

To make sure that the transaction was not forged by the proxy service, the link that opens inside the application contains a hash-sum of the transaction. If the hashes do not match, the wallet will automatically reject the signing request

Near Selector

This library was created to speed up development, the most stable version of this module will be available in the official @near-selector/here-wallet library in the future!ty

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